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This book is about the Moths, a kindred coven of sisters who built a commune among the rural hills of the high tech island of Elengen. One of them taps into the islands ancient technology to make a play for immortality while keeping her plans secret from her sisters.

As exciting as that Moth’s story is, with all the world changing effects she incurs. This book is really about Yuza, the humblest Moth who is more worried about her garden, longer summers, community maintenance, and about her teenage son training to become a Manticore bio-warrior in the shadow of Elengen’s ancient Patriarch.

During one year of upheaval Elengen decomposes and is reborn through the wonders of synthetic mycology and quantum computing. But, like most people living in a fast paced world, how often can anyone ever say they know what is going on beyond their own eyes and ears?

The Moths of Elengen is the story of Yuza Moth and her family during the transition into a Post-Human era. All written in a journal to her imaginary daughter, who is the firstborn of a new generation.

Soldiers, super soldiers, engineers, mothers, teachers, radio operators, gardeners and the legacies of emotional scars with ancient roots all compose The Moths of Elengen.

People are not ideas...

indigo moth with yellow eyes on wings flying towards a cosmic mouth

Cyberpunk came true, it is now contemporary reality...

I've been working on the story world of the characters introduced in "The Moths of Elengen" since 2010. I produced one short film called "Spryaig" over 2017-2020, which featured some of the elements of this story world for the first time. "The Moths of Elengen" is the proper introduction to the world of Akamoth.

I've spent these past 15 years trying to understand reality since there does not seem to be a consensus about what it is or why it works in the ways that it does. Rather than ask: why are are we here and what's it all for, I instead ask, what is the function of this form and who or what benefits  from this relationship? This led me to an understanding that microorganisms are the key to life systems: fungi, archaea, bacteria, protists and bacteriophages. Which is to say—all life comes from death or entropy—without decomposers none of the life cycles would work. There is a sobering truth to this harsh reality. Life feeds on life, and yet humans have this wonderful ability to recognize Beauty. This contrast fascinates me. All life depends on that which bides its time to break it down and turn it into some new kind of matter, without any seeming concern for what its doing. Everything is food!

And yet we have pyramids, cities, social movements and organized work crews, asymmetrical warfare, quantum computers, super colliders and the Internet of Things allowing billions to interact in ways unheard of in any other known era.

The whole story line is planned out and mostly written. I decided to release the first few parts as novellas until I can get enough money for an editor to help me make them all into full novels.
I have to write, edit, revise, design, format, publish, archive, and market my books by myself.

Science-fiction has to look to the future and in that future there will be Post-Humans. These are what evolved from what had been human—not necessarily superhuman though. This is a vision I had in 2010 of a possible future for the evolution of consciousness through humanity, nature, and artificial intelligence fusing into a new kind of Earth. Which in my books is called Akamoth.


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